Prime time penalties


The announcement last week that Florida’s first three games of this football season are at night was certainly good news for those of you hoping to avoid heat stroke in September. The times — 7:30, 7 and 7:30 — are also good for those of you who plan to tailgate.

But for someone who has to work the game and also loves college football, it was bad news.

Here are just some of the games I will miss all of or a majority of in the first three weeks:

Arizona State-Texas A&M.

Texas at Notre Dame.


Kentucky at South Carolina.

Oregon at Michigan State.

LSU at Mississippi State.

Oklahoma at Tennessee.

South Carolina at Georgia.

Ole Miss at Alabama.

Stanford at USC.

Of course, those of you who plan to attend Florida’s first two games at home will miss a chunk of those games as well. That third week of the season requires you to have at least three TVs going at night, assuming you won’t be in Lexington.

I guess the silver lining is that there are some good games early in the season. It’s just that most of them are in prime time. And for some reason, so are Florida’s first three games.