Chambers Blah


A Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. Nothing we do is more important than being a good father.

Unfortunately, with one daughter in Los Angeles and the other on a singing tour, I’ll be without my children on this Father’s Day. So I’ll just do what I do every Father’s Day and watch the U.S. Open.

In theory, it should be great with so many players who have a chance. But Fox’s coverage and Chambers Bay have made it a difficult one to watch.

I know it’s easy to criticize, but Fox has looked like a network that isn’t used to covering golf. The announcers have been boring. I miss Johnny Miller. And Fox is so intent on using its tracer technology that sometimes they forget that we want to see where the ball lands.

And it hasn’t helped that the greens look like they have been camouflaged. It’s hard — even with HD television, to pick up the ball on some of the greens.

I doubt that you’ll see another major on this course. I like that the USGA went with something different, but different isn’t always better.