Ranking SEC schedules from opposite divisions


We all know that things can change as a season goes along, especially in the volatile SEC. But a team’s chances of winning its division often depend on which teams it plays from the other side and where they play them. It’s the preseason, so this is how we rank the schedules from the other divisions heading into the season.

1. Georgia: At Auburn, Alabama.

Nobody can complain about the Bulldogs having an advantage this year.

2. Kentucky: Auburn, at Mississippi State.

Both of the Wildcats opponents in the West have a chance to win that division.

3. Florida: At LSU, Ole Miss.

Jim McElwain’s young team will have its hands full in Tiger Stadium and with a strong Rebels’ team.

4. Alabama: Georgia, at Tennessee.

If the Vols are as improved as everyone thinks they will be, the Tide drew a tough schedule.

5. Arkansas: At Tennessee, Missouri.

Both should be tough games for the Hogs.

6. South Carolina: LSU, at Texas A&M.

The Aggies will be better and LSU is at a crossroad but this isn’t going to be easy.

7. Tennessee: Arkansas, at Alabama.

We’ll know a lot more about Butch Jones’ team after they play these two games.

8. Missouri: Mississippi State, Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Two teams that are a little under the radar for the SEC east two-time champions.

9. Vanderbilt: At Ole Miss, Texas A&M.

Any West teams would be difficult for the Commodores.

10. Auburn: At Kentucky, Georgia.

Getting Georgia at home is a plus and Kentucky is still Kentucky.

11. LSU: at South Carolina, Florida.

In some years this might be one of the tougher schedules but not this year.

12. Ole Miss: Vanderbilt, at Florida.

The Swamp is always a tough place to play but the Rebels can’t complain about this schedule.

13. Mississippi State: Kentucky, at Missouri.

That game at Missouri could have implications on both sides of the conference.

14. Texas A&M: South Carolina, at Vanderbilt.

Soft non-conference schedule and soft East schedule — Aggies are living right.