Fun in Fort Worth


For several years, he was just a voice on the other end of the phone or an occasional text message. But on Thursday, I finally met Gilbert Little, a big Florida Gator fan who was Hal Sutton’s agent for 15 years.

He called me one day many years ago about a column I had written and we stayed in touch. He moved to Fort Worth seven months ago and I showed up here for the NCAA Gymnastics. Little gave me a short tour of Fort Worth that included a visit to Colonial Country Club with its old school clubhouse and the TCU campus.

I got to see the Horned Frogs football stadium, which reminded me a little of Texas A&M’s before the expansion. It may be the most impressive 50,000-seat stadium I’ve ever seen.

For dinner, it was Railhead Smokehouse, a dive of a barbecue place that Little’s buddy — pro golfer J.J. Henry — promised has the coldest beer in town. It also had an amazing smell that hits you when you walk in. It was a terrific meal.

We finished off at the Flying Saucer, a downtown bar that also serves a crazy-good green chile pork stew.

This is my first time in Fort Worth. I have to tell you it is one of the nicest downtowns I’ve ever seen. It’s so clean. I’ve become a big fan.