Hard to find good SEC non-conference games


If the SEC doesn’t get a team into the second College Football Playoff, it only has itself to blame. The conference is still the best in the land but the non-conference scheduling is pretty pathetic.

Four SEC teams don’t play a non-conference game against another Power Five conference team. Only South Carolina plays against two of them.

It’s slim picking when we look for the best non-conference games in this conference, but we’ll try to rank the top 10.

1. Alabama-Wisconsin. It kicks off the season and should be a good one.

2. Texas A&M-Arizona State: We’ll get to see how John Chavis’ defense does right away.

3. Tennessee-Oklahoma: After an offseason of buzz, the Vols get a chance to show what they have.

4. Georgia-Georgia Tech: The Bulldogs need to win this one after last year.

5. Florida-Florida State: It’s in Gainesville and if Florida has any linemen left it should be interesting.

6. South Carolina-Clemson: The Tigers almost made Steve Spurrier walk away from the game last year.

7. Missouri-BYU: The Tigers have a rare late non-conference game that’s respectable.

8. Auburn-Louisville: Another season opener that will test the new Will Muschamp defense.

9. South Carolina-North Carolina: The Ball Coach needs to get off to a good start.

10. Kentucky-Louisville: This game may mean nothing but state bragging rights at the end of the season.