SEC’s big weekends


We continue with our weekly look at the SEC schedules to get you pining for the season to start. Hey, it’s only five months away. This week, we look at the best weekends in the SEC:

1. Week 13, Nov. 28

No real surprise here that rivalry week takes the top billing.

Best game: Alabama at Auburn.

And then there are: FSU at Florida, Texas A&M at LSU, Clemson at South Carolina, Georgia Tech at Georgia, Missouri at Arkansas, Ole Miss at Mississippi State, Louisville at Kentucky.

Take your pick. This is a day you’ll need multiple TVs.

2. Week 10, Nov. 7

At this point in the season, there should be vital division matchups.

Best game: LSU at Alabama.

And then there are: Arkansas at Ole Miss, Auburn at Texas A&M, Mississippi State at Missouri (Thursday night), South Carolina at Tennessee.

Don’t you love those Thursday night SEC games to get the weekend started right?

3. Week 5, Oct. 3

By now, you should be in full football-mode.

Best game: South Carolina at Missouri.

And then there are: Alabama at Georgia, Arkansas at Tennessee, Ole Miss at Florida, Mississippi State at Texas A&M.

We should be able to weed out the pretenders on this Saturday.

4. Week 11, Nov. 14

Not a lot of big ones, but enough to get you excited.

Best game: Georgia at Auburn.

And then there are: Alabama at Mississippi State, Arkansas at LSU, Florida at South Carolina.

Who knows how big these games will be when we get to this part of the season?

5. Week 3, Sept. 19

Best game: Ole Miss at Alabama.

And then there are: Auburn at LSU, South Carolina at Georgia, Florida at Kentucky.

 We left the opening week out of this because there are four big games but none are between SEC schools.