Sunday Blog Marches On


The Sunday Blog took last week off because my fingertips needed a rest. But it’s back today on another busy weekend.

* The Sunday Blog received word late Saturday night that Kentucky gymnast Shelby Hilton, who had to be removed on a rolling stretcher Friday night after hitting her head on the floor exercise, sustained no injuries from her fall but was held in Gainesville for observation. It was sobering moment when the O’Connell Center was dead quiet while Hilton was being attended to. Good to know she is going to be OK.

* I know I sound like a curmudgeon when I say this but I’m not a fan of court-storming. My fear is that someone will be seriously hurt and that person will be me. I’ve dodged a cross bar at LSU and a forearm in Oxford and had my shoulder used as a launching pad in Columbia, S.C. The bottom line is simple — if the NCAA doesn’t think it should be permissible, don’t allow it. Don’t tell me there is nothing you can do about it. Just don’t allow it. How many times has the court been stormed at the O’Connell Center? It’s not allowed.

* Count me among those who questions whether Michael Frazier will play again this season. Just watching him limp around during introductions was painful. Let’s face it, there might only be three games left in this season. Best-case scenario might be the first round of the SEC Tournament. These ankle sprains can be rough and that makes gymnast Bridget Sloan’s comeback even more amazing.

* I mentioned on Twitter Friday that it was not surprising that Florida will close its spring practices which led to a snarky Twitter response from someone over in that building. But my point wasn’t that Florida was being anti-social, but that with a new staff and all of the construction going on around the entrance to the practice field, there was no way they were going to open up practice. Believe me, it’s a mess right now.