The Sunday Blog returns after a short hiatus. Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl, National Signing Day, the bowl season and the first half of college basketball conference seasons. Man, I missed a lot.

1. There has been a lot of criticism about the disingenuous coaches in college football recruiting kids to one school and then leaving once they sign. It has been a part of college football for a long time, but it’s getting more attention this season because it has happened at so many high-profile schools. It’s funny how coaches will tell you that it’s all about building relationships, but the truth is that coaches are only loyal to their paychecks and their opportunities. That doesn’t make them different from anyone else in the workforce. Is it sleazy? Sure. Everything about recruiting is sleazy. But I don’t know if there is an easy answer as long as athletic directors keep writing contracts the way they do and force assistants to stay through signing day.

2. Remember when Wednesday night was the night for SEC basketball? It’s another example of how it’s TV’s world and we’re all just living in it. However, someone finally said no to ESPN and it was one of the dumbest “no’s” ever. The four-letter network wanted to move the next College Football Playoffs semis to Jan. 2 because it is stupid to play them on New Year’s Eve. But the powers that be are so protective of the Rose Bowl they decided against it. Watch how much the ratings drop this year. And do the commissioners budge when Jan. 1 is on an NFL Sunday next year?

3. Talk about depressing — you go to bed with the news Billy Casper has passed away and wake up to the news that Dean Smith is gone. Not a good weekend for anyone who is a sports fans. Those are two great people we have lost.

4. It’s Sunday, there is no football and I don’t know what to do. When does spring practice start? We really need a spring football league. Maybe I’ll restart the USFL so Donald Trump can kill it again.