Dr. Football’s Mailbag, FSU week


 This is the final week of Dr. Football’s Mailbag, but we will replace it with a new blog on Wednesdays. Thanks for all of the questions and stay tuned.

During the BCS era we had to suffer through ESPN “analysts” railing on how the rankings were decided by “computer geeks and nerds” (such a lame comment, by the way) and the reduced emphasis on human input and the failure to place greater weight on the eye test. Now that we have the playoff committee these same geniuses are complaining the rankings rely too much on the subjective eye test and fail to take into account objective criteria which would, in years past, obviously be derived from the computers they previous loathed. (Please don’t get me started on all the media people who have been begging for a playoff for years and now are complaining ad nauseam about it). Are these guys are either desperate for something to complain about to fill time and make news to put their name out there, have collective amnesia, or are just dumb? — Ryan.

Ryan: What you have to understand is that ESPN paid a zillion dollars for the rights to the CFP and demanded that the committee reveal the weekly poll so it would have content. It’s working because we talk about it every week. When it comes to the end of this, people will complain and over-analyze because it’s a big set-up. This whole thing is designed to create controversy. Just ignore it until the final poll comes out. It’s the only one that matters.

With fsu barely winning all these games, against inferior competition, do you think they could be the 2014 version of the ’09 Gators?  — Jeff

Jeff: I said it early in the season. I thought FSU would be going through the same thing the 2009 Florida team had to deal with in terms of winning was never enough. That was the most miserable 12-0 team I’ve ever seen. So you are dead on with that observation.

Has UF every fired its football coach in the same year it beat GA and FSU? — Brad.

 Brad: Always great to hear from a fellow St. Augustine High friend. If Florida does win Saturday, yes, it would be a first.

What are the chances of Will ending up as DC with Spurrier? Or do you seeing him going to a smaller college as a head coach? — Michael.

Michael: I’ve talked to a lot of people close to the South Carolina program and they think Lorenzo Ward is a good coach just having a bad year because of personnel. Will is going to be a hot item as a defensive coordinator and will have his pick of jobs. Let’s see what happens with SC-Clemson before we throw him into that mix.

It certainly would not be unprecedented for a new HC to retain some staff at the school he comes to, even a coordinator (e.g. Urban and Charlie Strong.)  Since we are presumably hiring an offensive minded HC, he will likely be or bring or  the offensive coordinator with him, but why isn’t anyone talking about DJ Durkin potentially staying on as DC?  His track record is hard to match, it would stabilize defensive recruits, eliminate an adjustment period on defense, etc.  — Rob.

 Rob: There’s always a chance. A lot will depend on who the next coach is and whether he has a trusted guy in mind. I’ve always thought of this as Muschamp’s defense more than Durkin’s, but he certainly is a part of it and a great recruiter. Coaching hires are usually based on relationships and it would depend on whether the next coach has one with Durkin. I won’t be surprised to see him keep somebody from this staff to try to stabilize things.