The Sunday Blog, post-apocalypse


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a Saturday that lived up to expectations except for every final score. The wings were great and so was the company.

 1. College football is an amazing sport. How else can you explain Georgia’s defense? One week they are manhandled by a one-dimensional Florida team and give up 38 points. Two weeks later, they give up a 70-yard drive to Auburn to start the game and then allow zero points the rest of the game. More than anything, they seem to get that one loss can’t become two. “I don’t think anyone in our football complex thought we were done,” said offensive lineman Greg Pyke of the Florida loss. “The fans are going to talk. The reporters will write stuff about that. But in this league, you just have to play week to week.” Yes, you do.

2. Melvin Gordon, that guy with his hand extended is named Mr. Heisman. Wow, you have to put the Wisconsin tailback right in the middle of the race now, don’t you? I guess we won’t be hearing about how Nebraska is being hurt by SEC bias any more. My Heisman ballot is starting to take shape, but it feels like a two-man race between Marcus Mariota and Gordon.

3. I have to give Colin Cowherd credit for nailing the Oregon State upset of Arizona State. When he said it, I was not shocked, but I haven’t paid that much attention to the Beavers this year. I didn’t know they were 1-5 in the Pac-12. And why do I get the feeling that when the CFP selection committee meets for the final time there will only be four teams worthy of consideration?

4. I asked Will Muschamp about not taking a timeout before the blocked punt rather than take the delay of game penalty from his own 43. He said he wanted to save it. So he’s had a timeout in his pocket when he woke up this morning. That was a bad coaching decision that didn’t end up impacting the game, but was still difficult to grasp. Of course, there are a lot of things that are difficult to grasp about what is happening over there. The amazing thing is that Florida is a couple of plays away from being 7-2. But that’s college football, where every season comes down to a handful of plays in a handful of games.