Dr. Football’s Mailbag, South Carolina week


If Treon had not been suspended for LSU game imagine where his progress and possibly this teams record (maybe 1 loss?) would be — Tom.

 Yeah, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened but remember that Florida was still a dropped pass and some secondary breakdowns away from winning that game with Jeff Driskel. The more interesting thing to me would have been to see what would have happened the following week against Missouri. But we’ll never know.

Pat, Is there a noticeable change in the timing of deep route passes that our receivers haven’t adjusted to yet?  We were watching the Vandy game Saturday and noticed that wide receivers appeared to turn and slow up on the long passes from (Treon) Harris just to have the ball go over their heads.  Before Harris, Driskel always seemed to get the ball off a tad late and under throw his receivers on the deep routes.  Thanks, Ken.

 There was one notable deep pass against Vanderbilt where Demarcus Robinson slowed down because he assumed it would be underthrown but if he had kept going it would have hit him in stride. There is certainly going to be an adjustment period. Remember that in his first starr, Harris threw no deep passes and then all of a sudden they were flying in Nashville. Timing will come but they did hit on some big plays on perfectly-thrown deep balls.

Why does Florida keep running from the shotgun for short-yardage?  4 snaps inside the 5, and we self-Swinney all of them. Muschamp claims they always practice under-center snaps – what am I missing? — Pat

I assume you are referring to Dabo Swinney. Here’s the thing — if you’re a shotgun team, you’re a shotgun team. You may snap it under center a few times in practice, but it’s different in a game. Florida’s problem at the goal line against Vandy wasn’t the shotgun. It was the offensive line. Personally, I’d rather see a bootleg from under center down there, but that’s just me.

Do you think it is, at all, important for SEC teams schedule tough out of conference games? I understand why it is important for the ACC and Big 10 but why should an SEC West school,  for example, make things even harder on themselves? — Jeff.

 That will be the interesting thing to watch as we go forward with the College Football Playoff. The thing is, most of those big out of conference games the SEC plays are money games. Florida gets $5 million for playing Michigan in Jerry World in 2017. Hopefully, the message is sent this year that you had better start playing someone (Duke, Baylor, hello?)