Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Georgia week


It’s time for Dr. Football’s Mailbag and all of the questions are appreciated. Keep them coming.

I’ve heard some former players saying that our facilities aren’t that great and are in the bottom half of the SEC. Is this true? — Scott.

 Scott: Obviously, I haven’t received a tour lately of all 14 schools but I think Florida is in the second tier behind schools such as Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn and LSU. I did receive a tour of Oklahoma’s facilities when I visited Bobby Stoops two summers ago and they blow away Florida’s. One thing that is unremarkable about Florida is the actual locker room area but the football offices and the Heavener Museum are first rate. I think the time has come for an indoor practice facility and UF is finally exploring the possibility.

Dr. Football: During a recent podcast you were talking about the environment at Alabama and LSU and where they would rank in the conference? How about giving all 14? — Larry.

Larry: OK, and remember we’re only talking about the stadium environment and it includes everything that happens there. And also remember that ranking them is like ranking Beatles songs. A week from now, I might feel differently.

1. Alabama; 2. Florida; 3.LSU; 4. Auburn; 5. Georgia; 6. South Carolina; 7. Texas A&M; 8. Tennessee; 9. Mississippi; 10. Arkansas; 11. Mississippi State; 12. Missouri; 13. Kentucky; 14. Vandy.

Kentucky is much improved like the football team. I haven’t been to Georgia since 1995. I haven’t been to A&M since they expanded the stadium. But that’s my list. For now.

Hunter Joyer was an integral part of our running success in 2012.  He paved the way for most of what Mike Gillislee did.  Why has he fallen by the wayside and become solely a special teamer? — Brandon.

Brandon: I think a lot of it has to do with Kurt Roper’s style of offense. But I can’t explain why he’s not in there more. It’s a bit of a mystery.

If Florida loses to Georgia, would you burn Will Grier’s redshirt and let him and Treon Harris get all of the reps to get ready for next season? — Michael.

Michael: When Harris was suspended, they were getting Grier ready to be the backup. But the plan all along has been to redshirt him. The fact that Jeff Driskel has been benched may change that, but my guess is that it will not this late in the season. It does make some sense to get Grier some playing time, but if Florida loses to Georgia there’s no telling what the coaching situation will be.