Dr. Football’s MailBag, Bye week


Looking into your crystal ball, who is head coach of the Gators for their season opener in 2015? — Chad.

 Chad: Obviously, I received a lot of questions like this over the last few days along with a bunch of suggestions. Hugh Freeze, Rod Hudspeth, Steve Spurrier, Gus Malzahn, Kerwin Bell, Jon Gruden, Tim Tebow, Dan Mullen, Rich Rodriguez, Dana Holgorsen are just a few. I could make guesses but they would just be my wild guesses. The truth is it could still be Will Muschamp if he can somehow turn it around. If that doesn’t happen, I think Florida has to swing for the fences and work its way down. I’d start with Bobby Stoops and go from there. But there is no slam-dunk choice who combines pedigree with getability. We’ve already seen Spurrier say his next stop will be Crescent Beach. I can point out flaws with every candidate who has been mentioned. So we’ll just wait and see.

What do you think you and Robbie misread in the preseason practices that would have been an indication of the issues we are having? — Michael.

Michael: Ouch, that stings a little. But you are right, both of us thought we were watching a really good football team in the summer. Maybe some of it was that we were watching a lot of 7-on-7 drills without the tackling. I think more than anything when you watch a team practice, you have no idea if it has the “IT” factor. You only find that out in games.

 ​Do you get the feeling that Foley sees this Georgia game as “one last chance” for Muschamp or do think this game is more “take him to the gallows”? I feel like Foley is like the rest of us and sees the writing on the wall and is giving Muschamp this game because he knows he will lose and justify the firing having exhausted every opportunity. What do you think? –Ty.

 Ty: I think Jeremy is still hoping to see the switch turned on. It hasn’t been for the last two years and if it’s not next Saturday that’ll probably do it. But, no, I don’t think Foley believes it’s a loss that is inevitable. If he did, he’d go ahead and make the move.

Doc, a month ago Kevin Sumlin was a great head coach, and the most obvious woulda-shoulda-coulda for Florida in 2010. Now, not so much. So, is Sumlin a Spurrier type that just needs to learn to emphasize defense and toughness, or is he more along the lines of Hal Mumme? — Ed.

 Well, I would think at the very least he has to get a new defensive coordinator. I also think A&M is about what I thought it would be. That South Carolina game in the opener just fooled us. Whether it’s his coordinator Mark Snyder or personnel or a lack of attention to detail defensively, Sumlin needs to figure it out if he is going to become an elite coach.