The Sunday Blog, at least the weather is nice


The Sunday Blog comes at you with a much-needed bye week on the horizon, assuming nothing earth-shattering happens at UF and trust me, it won’t. Not this week. Not next. After that, we’ll see.

1. Maybe it was just me, but it didn’t sound like Jeff Driskel is going to be relegated to the bench for the Georgia game based on Will Muschamp’s comments after the game. Driskel is a really good kid and I hate this for him, but he shouldn’t be playing football in two weeks. That said, I need to amend something I wrote earlier when I said this is the softest wide receiver unit I’ve ever seen at Florida. It’s the softest offensive football team I’ve ever seen at Florida. You saw Matt Jones’ phantom block. It’s embarrassing how pillow-soft these offensive players are.

2. The thinking going into Notre Dame-FSU was that it was an elimination game, but I cautioned people to wait and see how the game unfolded before we made the rash judgment. If you think Notre Dame is out of the final four, you aren’t paying attention. Meanwhile, FSU has to be rooting hard for Mississippi State to lose a game. I’m sure the Seminoles would rather be a one seed in New Orleans than a two or a three in Pasadena.

3. I kind of saw the LSU blowout of Kentucky coming because, as improved as the Wildcats are, LSU is a very physical team and just blew Kentucky off the ball. The rushing difference was 308 to 71. Last week we were talking about the Wildcats having control of their own destiny in the East. Now we’re wondering how they’re going to get bowl eligible with these five games remaining — Mississippi State, at Missouri, Georgia, at Tennessee and Louisville.

4. Alabama did to Texas A&M what it did to Florida, but without the turnovers. The Tide outgained the Aggies 602-172. One reason is that I believe Tuscaloosa is the toughest place to play in this conference right now. They have created an amazing environment over there. Right now, here is how I’d rate the SEC stadiums as toughest to play in:

1. Alabama.

2. Florida.

3. Auburn.

4. Georgia.

5. LSU.

6. Tennessee.

7. Texas A&M.

8. South Carolina.

9. Mississippi State.

10. Mississippi.

11. Missouri.

12. Arkansas.

13. Kentucky.

14. Vanderbilt.

This is based on environment, not the quality of the teams. And it’s just my opinion, so back off Arkansas fans.

Bonus coverage: With a bye week, here are the games that will be on my main TV Saturday.

Noon: Texas at Kansas State.

3:30 p.m.: Mississippi State at Kentucky.

7:15 p.m.: Ole Miss at LSU

10 p.m.: USC at Utah.