The Sunday Blog, Week Six


The Sunday Blog comes at you very early in the morning after a trip that began with a canceled flight, an 8½-hour drive and very little sleep. That’s what Sunday afternoon is for.

1. I have to say that when you stand on the field at Neyland Stadium it is one of the coolest places in the country. Tennessee fans gave it their all as well from the checkerboard pattern in the stands to incredible noise on third downs. I can only imagine the despair they must have felt losing to Florida. Again. Especially a Florida team that could generate no points for so long. We went into that game thinking it would be the biggest of Will Muschamp’s career. I’m not sure he came out of it with any more support from the fanbase than before. But it’s still only four games into the season. People have asked me to explain why he didn’t try a throw into the end zone at the end of the half. He explained it after the game. I still don’t understand.

2. What a wild Saturday. The NFL may be the king but when you want high drama college football is still the best sport there is. Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 19 in the AP poll all lost this weekend. I think we’re going to see a playoff with more than one team that has a loss. And could the Egg Bowl be the biggest thing the state of Mississippi has ever seen? Lot of ball to be played. It will be interesting to see how Ole Miss handles success with Texas A&M coming up next.

3. Late Saturday night, we were watching the UCLA-Utah game and they were talking about how many times Brett Hundley has been sacked. He was just getting started. Hundley was sacked 10 times in the loss to the Utes and now has been sacked 108 times in less than three seasons. That’s mindboggling. The guy must be one big bruise.

4. Steve Spurrier went into this season with the swagger he used to have during the old days at Florida, but his Gamecocks have knocked that out of him after losing to Kentucky to fall to 3-3. “Ya’ll watched it. We’re not a great team. You know that,” Spurrier said. “Hopefully, we can play better the rest of the season. I told the guys we’re going to try to have a winning season, somehow.” There is no question that Mark Stoops has made Kentucky a better team, but it’s amazing how bad South Carolina’s defense is this season. The Gamecocks are giving up an average of 35 points a game. If ever a team needed a bye week, it’s South Carolina.