Dr. Football’s Mailbag, post-Alabama


Pretend you are a highly sought after coach at a smaller FBS school.  Which 2015 head coaching job is better… Michigan or Florida?  Discuss! –Steve.

Steve: Good question. The competition is easier at Michigan but the recruiting base is much better at Florida. I think one thing any coach would have to consider is how difficult the SEC is. But I still think Florida is the better job. If I were to rank the best coaching jobs in America, Florida would be in the top five. Michigan would not be.


Hey Pat, Today all I’ve seen on twitter from Gator fans is #FreeTreon. When I see all this, your term Gidiots comes to mind. I get that Driskel does hesitate to pull the trigger most of the time. And Lord knows he doesn’t have any kind of deep ball accuracy or timing. But do you really think its time to bench him in favor of Treon or Will Grier? — John D. Sours.

John: I wouldn’t put a true freshman with a few plays under his belt in as the starter in Knoxville, but I would have some packages ready for him and get him in the game. Then, I would evaluate when the Gators come home to face LSU.


I know it’s early, but if Muschamp gets fired (which is looking more and more likely), and with all the turmoil going on with Jim Harbaugh in San Fran, is there a chance we could throw a ton of money at him and persuade him to return to college football? Sort of like Alabama did with Saban? Thanks, Jesse.

Jesse: In theory, that makes some sense. But Harbaugh doesn’t have any recruiting ties to the Southeast. Of course, neither did Urban Meyer. If Muschamp can’t survive this season, I would think that Florida needs to swing for a home run hire and he certainly would be on my list. But I’m not sure he’d want to return to college football.


Pat, What is it with our latest crop of Heisman winners? Sure don’t make em like the old Ball Coach or Danny Wuerffel any more. Go Gators. Pete.

Pete: As a Heisman voter it is embarrassing what the last two have done off the field. It will certainly be a consideration when I cast my vote. But I’m sure the Heisman people long for the days of a guy like Tim Tebow.