The Sunday Blog, Week Four


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a long drive from Tuscaloosa to Prattville and the anticipation of another long drive to come home. We need a bye week as much as Florida’s football team.

1. Plenty of late emails and tweets. I read them all. I get it. And, yes, I was clearly wrong when I told all of you Gator clubs in August how Jeff Driskel was going to be an all-SEC quarterback. I’m not afraid to admit when I am wrong. As we relived the game late Saturday night, there were a lot of things that are difficult to understand about this football team. Why doesn’t Brandon Powell play? How could a tight end go uncovered RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR BENCH? Look, there is no shame in losing at Alabama where Urban Meyer suffered the two worst losses of his UF career. But there are things that are just not right with this program right now. One text I received from someone who is pretty smart about football — “Since Tim Tebow left we haven’t trusted our coach or our quarterback.”

2. And if it couldn’t get any worse for Gator fans, it did Saturday night when FSU found a way to win despite the absence of its starting quarterback and motivational speaker. Two things — Clemson is way overrated and the Semis have enough talent to win out even if Jameis Winston never plays another snap.

3. Can someone please explain Missouri’s loss to Indiana? I didn’t see much of that game but seriously, can you please explain it to me? Indiana coach Kevin Wilson couldn’t. “We ain’t got nothing figured out,” Wilson said. “We’re the same group of bums that played last week. That’s the same bunch of bums this week. We’ll see how we show up next week.” Last week, the Hoosiers lost to Bowling Green. This week they beat the defending SEC East champs. Go figure. It’s college football.

4. I’m not big on talking about the Heisman after four weeks, but Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott has to be in the mix. To go into Baton Rouge and dominate the Tigers, well, hopefully voters won’t forget that. The reward for the Bulldogs is that they get to play Texas A&M and Auburn the next two weeks. The SEC West is brutal. The East? Not so much.