Dr. Football’s Mailbag, post-Kentucky


Hi Pat. I noticed that VH3, Antonio Morrison, and possibly others, had words written on the black eye patches like Tebow use to do. I was pretty sure they banned that in 2010 after Tebow made it so popular. Was the ruling overturned in the offseason?  Not a huge issue but I was surprised when I noticed it. — Zach Daniel.

I noticed it, too, and wondered the same thing. The rule was put in after Tebow graduated (they didn’t want to cause a stir while he was still in school), but it wasn’t just Tebow. A lot of people feel that Terrelle Pryor honoring Michael Vick on his eye black and then issuing this infamous quote was a major factor as well — “Not everybody’s the perfect person in the world. I mean, everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever.” The rule has not been rescinded and everything I have been able to find out is that the Florida players were in violation of the rule. From what I was told, Will Muschamp will be informed that they need to not do it again.

Does the SEC plan to review the missed call…the one where the Kentucky player deliberately fell on top of the Florida player helmet first? That was blatant and one the UK student should be punished for. — John Bradford

Pat…..even my aunt Lucille saw the very late, and hard  hit made on K. Taylor in the Ky. game.  Yet no flag was thrown. Will the Officials be critiqued to include how badly they missed that call ?  Is Taylor o.k. ? Thanks for your insight and opinion. — David.

That’s just a sampling of the questions about the egregious late hit, targeting that should have been called on Regie Meant of Kentucky (I know, he “Meant” to do it.). Targeting is only reviewable if it’s called. The league will look at the play and it will be part of their video study this week explaining what a blown call looks like. Other than that, nothing will happen. Taylor suffered a bruised back but re-entered the game in the second half.

Pat: I’ve noticed in the first three weeks there is an Allstate net behind the north zone goalposts but not the south. What gives? — Caleb.

Allstate wants to be behind both but it is not physically possible because of all of the activity (including the team running onto the field) to erect a net there. Allstate resisted going with one net until this year.

Pat why doesn’t UF add Tebow to the Ring of Honor while he is here? Why the delay? — Mark Page.

Tim is not eligible for the Ring of Honor until next season. The rule is that it’s five years after you leave. I thought 2009-to-2014 was five years but I recently found out that five full seasons have to pass before a player or coach is eligible. Tebow will definitely be inducted next year, according to sources. Urban Meyer is eligible in 2016. I wouldn’t count on that happening for awhile.