Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Week 3


Maybe I’m jaded from all of the injuries (last year/1st game -Humphries & McGee) & I know its Big Boy football but explain to me why you would risk injury by having VH3 on kickoffs? He is such a key defensive player especially with the young secondary that I just don’t see the benefit. — Brandon

Brandon: I have to admit when I saw him running out there for the first kickoff I was surprised. Florida’s coaches obviously feel it’s important to have one of your best defenders on kickoff return. Personally, I wouldn’t have him out there, but I bet Nick Saban wishes he had a defensive back on his field goal team last season against Auburn.

Hey Pat. Is Driskel a junior or senior? On Muschamp’s show today they said he was a senior. I thought he was a junior. On the roster, he’s listed as a Sr-Jr. Thanks. — Butch Aten.

Butch: Driskel has graduated and is in his fourth season as a Florida football player. Technically, he is a graduate student. But in terms of eligibility, he is a redshirt junior and is listed as such on the official roster.

I would like to know what you think Gator football season ticket holders should do to push UF to schedule better games. Having to pay for three “pre-season” games just to get tickets for the other four SEC games seems ridiculous. When I see other schools starting their season playing real games on week one, it makes me feel like UF is out of touch with its fan base. I could understand them scheduling one warm up game each year, but three? — Gary in Merritt Island.

Gary: I feel your pain but if Florida had started the season with Florida State would you feel the same way? In the SEC, there is only one team that plays two non-conference games against teams from Power Five conferences – Georgia, which plays Clemson and Georgia Tech. Four teams don’t play any teams from the Power Five — Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt. We’ll see if the College Football Playoff forces schools to schedule tougher.

How likely is it that Jake McGee gets a redshirt year if he wants one? — Gary.

Gary: Several people asked me this question. McGee redshirted as a freshman at Virginia in 2010 as he made the transition from quarterback to tight end. So this is his fifth year. He would have to apply to the NCAA for a hardship year if he chooses to try to come back and play another year at Florida, Based on the NCAA’s history, it’s likely he would be granted another year (similar to Andre Debose).