The Sunday Blog returns, Week 1


The Sunday Blog comes at you but we still have games to play this weekend. Gotta love this time of year.

1. At one point on Saturday, I was sitting on my couch going back-and-forth between entertaining early games and I just started giggling. Maybe I need some help but the return of college football is just so wonderful. And, despite Florida’s weather problems, it has been a glorious start to the season. I do wonder if UF fans will ever complain again about those noon starts for the first game of the season. At least those games get played.

2. The biggest mystery of the weekend involved Melvin Gordon, the talented running back from Wisconsin. He was killing LSU before going into the Witness Protection Program. After his first carry of the second half Gordon had 137 yards on 14 carries. For the rest of the game, he had two carries. That was almost the worst coaching move of the weekend but for the worst we go back to Thursday night. Derek Mason needs to settle on a quarterback instead of yanking them in and out like he did. The SEC had a good week but Vandy’s loss was its black mark.

3, If you are Arkansas, you have to wonder if this thing is every going to turn around. They played a strong first half against Auburn, then their coaches got stuck in an elevator at halftime and never got to the locker room. Then they were outscored 24-0 in the second half. That’s 0-9 for Bret Bielema now in the SEC. Thanks for coming.

4. Memo to Power Five athletic directors — Don’t schedule North Dakota State. The Bison have now won five straight games against FBC foes and four of those came against Power Five teams. They shut out Iowa State in the second half Saturday.

5. Each week I’m going to give you my top 10 and if the College Football Playoff committee wants to reference it I’m all for it:

1. FSU: The target isn’t going away Semis.

2. Alabama: Tide has to shore up pass defense.

3. Georgia: Todd Gurley is the Heisman leader in the clubhouse.

4. LSU: Still not sure about the Tigers, but that was a nice win.

5. Oklahoma: Sooners’ tests are still coming.

6. Oregon: Huge game this week.

7. Auburn: Arky made it a game for a half.

8. Michigan State: Trip to Oregon also big for the Big 10.

9. Ohio State: Defense was shredded by Navy option.

10. USC: Distractions? What distractions?