Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Week One


Thanks to all of you who sent in questions for Dr. Football’s Mailbag. I’m looking forward to the ones next week from the first week of the season. Finally, we will have some real football to talk about.

Will we learn much from the first three games of the season or do we have to wait for the Alabama game? — David Lawson.

David: I don’t think we’ll know a whole lot unless it’s not good. In fact, I’m not sure how much the Alabama game will tell us. Most Gator fans expect to come out of the first four games with a 3-1 record and then it really gets interesting. The season is a body of work. I think we’ll know a lot about this team when October is over.

 What would you be more surprised about in the Idaho game — our defense gives up more than 20 points or our offense scores less than 30? — Joshua Johnson.

Joshua: I wouldn’t be shocked at either result. Idaho has some skill players on offense and Florida will have so many new starters on defense that it could take some time for the UF defense to get its feet wet. Remember that Florida hasn’t scored 30 points in its last two opening games. What would shock me is if both things happened.

What is the maximum number of games Will Muschamp can lose and still retain his job? — Alec Flynt.

Alec: I’ve said all along that there is no magic number for Muschamp. But I would say five is the maximum number of losses he could survive. It might be four, but it will depend on the progress this team makes this year and how competitive the team is. Let’s say the Gators go 7-5 with the five losses all being close games. It would be dicey, but I think he’d be back.

If the receivers improve drastically, how much credit goes to Chris Leak vs. Kurt Roper? — Ozzie Mutz.

Ozzie: It’s an interesting dynamic because Leak is basically on a one-year trial this season. If the receivers have a big year, he’ll deserve some of the credit, but Roper is running the offense and will deserve the most. It’s kind of like when Steve Spurrier was the coach and Dwayne Dixon was his receivers coach. Spurrier got them open, Dixon taught them how to catch the ball.