The final WWDF of the summer


This will do it for Wednesday’s With Dr. Football and we hope it has helped you get through the summer. Football season starts next week and we’re going to try something different. See No. 5 for details.

1. The Braxton Miller injury was stunning news on so many levels. More than anything, I think it eliminated Ohio State from the College Football Playoff picture. Because of their softer-than-rotten-bananas schedule (one top 25 opponents vs. seven for Auburn and six for Florida), the Buckeyes cannot afford a loss if they want to make it in. Now, there are a lot of games the Bucknuts could lose. I mean, Virginia Tech is now a possibility. So is Navy in the opener. And Michigan and Cincinnati and Penn State. Ohio State will still do no worse than 9-3 but this was supposed to be the year.

2. I don’t know who was typing and grinning more when the news broke that Louisville coach Bobby Petrino and coordinator Todd Grantham are not getting along. Was it the Atlanta writers who despised Petrino when he was with the Falcons or the Georgia fans? You know, you can put two strong personalities together and I think Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin will do fine. But you can’t put two jerks together. All you get is jerk stew.

3. As college programs try to find new ways to attract younger fans to the stadiums, Baylor has come up with something I think you will see copied. It has created an app that fans can use to watch replays and get stats. You either evolve or get left behind, right?

4. How many times late on a Saturday have you been pining for just one more game and there it was — a game at Hawaii? And then you watched 10 minutes and went to bed because it just wasn’t very good football? You may not have that luxury soon because Hawaii is talking about shutting it down. The football program is $2 million in debt before the added cost of attendance. I don’t think this is an autonomy problem, it’s a Hawaii problem

5. So as we wrap up this summer feature, we’re going to try a new one on Wednesday mornings here at but it will only work with your cooperation. We’re going to start a Dr. Football’s Mailbag next Wednesday but to do that we need questions. Submit them to me @pat_dooley or and we’ll take the five best and answer them. Have at it.