Wednesdays With Dr. Football, the last one of July


Wednesdays With Dr. Football is taking a final summer break next week if by taking a break you mean driving to the Panhandle to speak to Gator Clubs.

1. Is it me or is Florida getting too much love during the talking season? I’m as bullish as anyone on the 2014 Florida team. I think the talent is there for a really good season but the schedule is difficult. It just seems that everyone has that opinion, that Florida has a good chance to win the East and contend for the SEC crown. I’m not saying the Gators are overrated, I’m just surprised so many so-called experts agree with me. This team did win only four games last year.

2. I’m glad the talking season is basically over. It has me fired up for football, but we’re still almost a month away. Fortunately, teams start reporting for practice, including the mighty Gators on Sunday. So now maybe the coaches can concentrate on football instead of each other.

3. Mark Dantonio said this week that Michigan State would have won the national title if the playoff had been in place this season. Might have. Might not have. Doesn’t really matter. Now, if he lived in the state of Alabama, he’d just claim one. Michigan State was playing really well at the end of the season, but so was Florida State. So was Auburn.

4. A while back, I wrote a note a while back about three of Florida’s most iconic plays that would be penalties today. One was Terry Jackson’s somersault into the end zone against FSU, which was flagged but today would have negated the touchdown since he left the field at the 1-yard line. Another was Earl Everett chasing down Troy Smith without a helmet, which would be 15 yards today. The third was Lawrence Wright’s hit on Joey Kent in the 1995 Tennessee game. But upon further review (I watched the game again the other day), Wright’s hit would have been legit. He nailed him in the chest. So I take that back. Not that it matters.

5. Carl Franks, one of my favorite assistant coaches ever at Florida, is back in the business as an assistant coach at Bethune-Cookman. Franks followed Steve Spurrier from Duke to Florida and was an assistant on UF’s first national title team. He was named head coach at Duke in 1999, but that lasted only four years. He then went to USF for six years but a coaching change there saw his role change. He was director of personnel for three years before taking a job as an assistant at Seffner Armwood last year. It’s good to have Carl-Bob back in college football. He’s a great guy and an excellent coach. Hopefully he gets back where he belongs at a Power Five school.