In any sport, RPI isn’t the only definitive factor when NCAA committees set up their tournaments. But it’s always interesting to look at it as a tool that helps them slot teams.

Clearly, when it comes to baseball, RPI is an ever-changing dynamic. Some years it matters, some years it’s almost irrelevant.

But I thought it would be interesting to look at the cumulative RPIs of each baseball regional. It’s not surprising that Florida’s is the toughest because when it was announced you probably thought the same thing without looking at RPI.

Here are the 16 regionals with the total RPI in each:

1. Florida 127.

2. LSU 135.

3. South Carolina 141.

4. Ole Miss 160.

5. FSU 173.

6. Virginia 174.

7. Vanderbilt 177.

8. Rice 180.

9. Louisville 212.

10. Cal Poly 228.

11. Oklahoma State 251.

12. TCU 272.

13. Miami 285.

14. Oregon State 327.

15. Indiana 338.

16. Lafayette 359.

Florida’s is the only regional with all four teams being in the top 70. If you are wondering. the top RPI teams that didn’t make it were West Virginia (40, losers of nine of last 10), Mercer (46 with a win over Florida) and UCF (48).