Sunday Blog and on to Memphis


The Sunday Blog is more tired than Scottie Wilbekin right now. Long drive home. The good news is I get to drive back to Orlando Tuesday top fly to Memphis. Hey, it’s a tough job watching all this great basketball.

1. You kind of get blinded by the work in these tournaments and spend way less time looking at other news than you do at what you’re covering. Buzz Williams left Marquette for Virginia Tech? Marquette is targeting Ben Howland? When did all of this happen? I’m so out of it I couldn’t tell you anything about the NIT. First thing to do now that I’m back in Gainesville — catch up on mail and news.

2. The tournament at the Amway Center went well and I have to give a shout-out to all of the Gator fans on Saturday. Like my wife said, Church Street felt like a football Saturday with all of the gators and they were loud. Thursday, they were kind of just there watching. Saturday, it was a major factor in the game.

3. No Bubble Watch. No questions about one seeds. The Sunday Blog is rudderless. So I’ll just congratulate all of the teams who pulled upsets in the tournament. The joy of the tourney is that you are going to see games that freak you out. The curse is that they can happen to your team. Here’s one thing to wrap your mind around — these seniors are now 11-3 in NCAA Tournament games.

4. Which brings me to my bracket. I checked on ESPN after the Round of 64 and I was in the top 97.7 percentile. That put me in 255,574th place. And I called the upsets by Dayton, Stephen F. Austin and Harvard. I think we should get a new bracket together going forward with the Sweet 16. Anybody up for it?