The Sunday Blog, Week XIV


What a weekend of football. It’s too bad Florida couldn’t get involved in all the craziness. In an effort to exorcise the demons that have infected Florida’s season, I burned my season credential Sunday morning in the fire pit. I think I saw Beelzebub in the flames.

Time for Four From The Field, but first a mini-announcement — thanks for all the input and I will continue to do the early edition podcast even though Florida’s season is over. It’s posted every Tuesday morning at and on Stitcher and iTunes. Expect plenty of thoughts on Gidiots, Florida’s future and Roll Tears Roll this week.

1. So is the new cry at Auburn, “Kick, Bama, kick?” Who would have believed that the worst thing that could have happened to Nick Saban was getting that extra second put back on the clock? The biggest question coming out of that game wasn’t whether Saban should have tried the kick or the other one that he did not earlier in the game. The question is this — was that the most bizarre and exciting finish to a game ever? I sat in my recliner and literally could not believe what I was seeing. Just stunning.

2. So when we get to Hoover in July with all the other journalists and bloggers living with their parents and Alabama fans who write for a publication they need a Xerox machine to publish (don’t get me started), I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Slive stood up at the podium and announced that our votes will not be required this year. We picked Auburn fifth in the West and Missouri sixth in the East. And nobody picked either team to win it all. And 19 voters picked Florida to win the East. Well done, comrades.

3. Is there any doubt now that Clemson is Steve Spurrier’s new Georgia? He is so in Dabo Swinney’s head. That’s five straight for the Gamecocks over the Tigers and, more importantly, 10 wins again. “Sometimes, I don’t know how in the world we win all these games,” Spurrier told the Sunday Blog. That win gave the SEC a 3-1 record Saturday against the ACC with the only loss Florida’s to FSU.

4. The Sunday Bog also talked to Urban Meyer Sunday in the wake of his team’s 42-41 win over Michigan where Brady Hoke went for two with 32 seconds left. “I’d probably have done the same thing,” Meyer said. “They couldn’t stop our running game. They were throwing it on us but all it takes is one tipped pass.” Remember four weeks ago when I said it was going to be FSU-Ohio State for the national title?