The Sunday Blog, Week XIII


Wake up. Hey, if I can’t sleep neither can you. Even though we are nearing the end of this awful Florida football season, I’m thinking of continuing the Sunday Blog because writing on Sunday’s is good therapy.

Then again, it’ll be nice to have Sundays off. Anyway, time for Four From The Field.

1. When I think back to this Florida football season, I think the No. 1 memory will be the scene well after the game when Robbie Andreu and I were getting on the elevator to go back to the press box. I asked Robbie, “Low point in Gator football history?” And before he could answer the other person on the elevator, a Georgia Southern radio guy with his headphones on, said in a very loud voice, “HAS TO BE! THAT’S A BAD FCS TEAM THEY JUST LOST TO!” Yep, that’s what I’ll remember.

2. There was a lot of speculation after Will Muschamp’s presser that he was throwing Brent Pease under the bus by blaming the offense for the loss. Was he perhaps setting things up for a change? I don’t see how he can keep Pease and expect any kind of fan support next season. I don’t think this woeful offense all falls on the coordinator’s shoulders, but I do know this — if you go into a game thinking you have to score a lot of points early to make the other team uncomfortable and throw for six yards in the first half, well, something is horribly wrong.

3. Whoever has been sticking pins in that Florida voodoo doll took a few minutes off to slam a couple into a Tennessee doll. Man, has any team in the last four years found more ways to lose games that appear to be won? “No comment on the officials today,” said Butch Jones. Ok, no comment on your dumb fake field goal then. Gator fans can take solace in the fact that the Vols will be joining them at home for Christmas and are assured of a fourth straight losing season.

4. I know that Missouri faces a tough task in beating Texas A&M Saturday to clinch the berth to Atlanta but there is no doubt in my mind that the Tigers have the SEC East’s best team (which isn’t saying a ton). The atmosphere in Columbia is going to be off the charts for this one. LSU may have given the Tigers the blueprint for slowing down Johnny Sharpie. Not only did the defensive linemen stay in their lanes, they forced Manziel to roll left when he scrambled and he’s not anywhere near as effective when he does that. As a result, Archie Griffin will stand alone for another year as the only repeat Heisman winner.