The Sunday Blog, Week XII


I have to say that the South Carolina road trip was the best of the season but I think that’s only because of the company. And we all want to apologize to the people we kept awake at the Fairfield on Two Notch Road (is that a great name for a road or what?) on Friday night.

Time for a later than usual version of Four From the Field:

1. I have written and talked about Will Muschamp’s “selective conservatism” over and over and it was on display again in Columbia. He doesn’t trust his quarterback to throw the ball downfield (just one bootleg, please) but he does trust Trey Burton to throw a deep pass to a defensive tackle with the game on the line? Makes no sense.

2. College football had the Weekend of the Weird and I will get into the Auburn win over Georgia in my Back Nine column. But Virginia State gets booted from the Div. II playoffs for beating up the opposing quarterback in a bathroom? And former UF assistant Bill Cubit and Illinois head coach Tim Beckman have to be separated on the sideline after a safety? Can’t we all just get along?

3. I wonder where Ed Orgeron will end up. The guy may be a loose cannon but you have to give him credit for what USC has done. The Trojans won’t make him the full-time head coach and if it ends up being Jack Del Rio you have to think he might stick around. But you have to believe he’s going to get another shot at a head coaching job after what he’s done with the dysfunctional Trojans.

4. We live in a strange world when Duke is unstoppable on the ground against Miami. Just a strange world.