Sunday Blog, Week XI


The one good thing about a noon start is that we were able to get home to watch a ton of football Saturday night. My FSU-Ohio State scenario for the national title game took a hit because of Alabama’s dominant second half against LSU, but it’s still possible.

Time for Four From The Field:

1. Nobody can bring you negative stats like the Sunday Blog, especially when it comes to Florida’s offense. Here’s a new one for you — There are only 10 teams who have scored fewer touchdowns than Florida out of 123 teams in FCS football. Those 10 teams have a combined record of 10-78. That screams “Fire Brent Pease!” The problem is this — who is going to come to Florida knowing it could be a one-year gig? Gator fans have this arrogance and believe the line would be out the door. It would be, but I’m not sure the same people would be in that line that you believe would be.

2. One thing that stood out to me on Saturday in The Swamp was just how slow Florida’s receivers are. Solomon Patton is really the only speedster in the group. I think I could catch Quinton Dunbar from behind. Really. The other thing that stood out to me this weekend is that Stanford is basically running the same offense that Florida is. They just have better players and are way more efficient.

3. Virginia Tech has to be the first team ever to lose to Boston College and Duke back-to-back and then beat Miami. I’m not even going to look it up, but is has to be true. Doesn’t it? Duke Johnson was a big loss for the ‘Canes and their defense isn’t very good. And the Coastal Division is a diaper mess.

4. Now that Marcus Mariota has fallen from my mental Heisman ballot, is it time to put Derek Carr of Fresno State in there somewhere? He has thrown 32 touchdowns passes to four picks. I tend to downgrade non-BCS conference quarterbacks because of the competition but he may sneak in there.