The Sunday Blog, Week X


After another trip to Jacksonville, The Sunday Blog was all ready at Waldo assuming they’d be doing another checkpoint. I was almost disappointed not to see them. Almost. Time for Four From The Field:

1. I took a straw poll at halftime of the Florida-Georgia game and it was split on whether or not Will Muschamp made the right call to go for fourth-and-10 at the end of the half. It was unanimous that throwing a zero yard pass was the wrong call. I thought it was a terrible decision and it wasn’t hindsight. Later in the game in Georgia territory, Florida punted on fourth-and-9. It goes back to what I said before, Muschamp is a “selective conservative.”

2. There are a number of reasons why this team is 4-4 and has lost three in a row and I think one of the biggest is that Florida’s opponents are scheming all week how to attack the defense and are being successful early. Miami jumped on top, Arkansas led 7-0, Kentucky scored on its first possession, LSU’s first three possessions all reached UF territory and Missouri needed 22 seconds to score. Of course, Georgia was up 14-0 before some people had staggered to their seats. When the Gators are self-evaluating, they might want to look at the defense and the way they start games.

3. If there is an NFL team you really despise (say, the Cowboys), say a little prayer tonight that the team falls in love with Logan Thomas at The Combine. He’ll put up amazing numbers but there is a reason I call the Virginia Tech quarterback “The Big Teasy.” Typical was Saturday when he threw for 391 yards but had four turnovers in a second-half loss to Boston College. That’s Duke and BC in consecutive weeks, not Seattle and Kansas City.

4. We’ll all have to pace ourselves Thursday. A nap would seem to be in order, maybe even a late dinner. But what a lineup. Baylor vs. Oklahoma at 7:30 and Stanford-Oregon at 9. Maybe we should give out t-shirts to anyone who makes it to the end. I saw the Red Sox win the World Series, which is late for me, so I’m going to give it my all.