The Sunday Blog, Week VIII


We can cross it off our bucket list — see a football game at Missouri. Although I’m not sure it was ever on a bucket list. Time for Four From The Field, live from St. Louis.

1. So here is my takeaway from going to a game at Mizzou. Nice atmosphere, beautiful scenery, great campus. I was surprised how small the stadium is and they are expanding (I’m sure it’s part of the deal to get into the SEC.) Imagine a nicer and slightly larger version of Vanderbilt’s stadium. It will be interesting to see how the Tiger fans travel to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game. I know they still have five games to play in the SEC but everything is lined up for them.

2. And that’s what makes Florida’s poor performances the last two weeks really frustrating for Gator fans. Georgia’s season is coming apart, South Carolina’s as well. It was set up for the Gators. I’ll always wonder what kind of season this could have been if they had stayed healthy. Meanwhile, remember when everyone was concerned about Alabama early in the season. Now, it seems laughable.

3. The funniest scene of the night was the two Ole Miss linemen trying to find Hugh Freeze to dump Gatorade on him and standing there in the middle of the field looking confused. Ole Miss beating LSU was another example of how you can’t take too much from one game. LSU’s defense looked good against Florida, but who doesn’t? Missouri fans were raving about their defense Saturday but Florida has a knack for making every defense look good.

4. This just in — FSU is really good. On Saturday night, it was difficult to believe we were watching the same team that Florida dominated in the fourth quarter last season. What was strange was that Clemson looked like a team that wasn’t ready for the big stage even though they went through the same thing at the start of the season. Hey Gator fans, if you want some consolation — every Florida loss hurts FSU’s chances to make the BCS Championship Game. Hey, I tried.