The Sunday Blog, Week VI


I know that night games are great for the fans but they can be brutal for sportswriters who insist on staying up when they get home even if everyone else has gone to bed.

It was worth it because the Stanford-Washington finish was entertaining. But night games also mean deadline writing and I made a mistake on Florida’s record the last two seasons. It’s 15-3, not 15-4. The Sugar Bowl, I guess, felt like two losses.

No excuses. On to Four From The Field.

1. The rest of Florida’s schedule is brutal but it seemed to get both harder and easier on Saturday. LSU’s defense struggled again, Georgia is getting killed by injuries and South Carolina is dealing with Jadeveon Clowney issues. On the other hand, Missouri looks like a legitimate team and FSU looks like the best team in the country.

 2. It’s hard to wrap your mind around what FSU did to Maryland. I know that the only reason Maryland was ranked was because voters couldn’t find anyone else to stick in there at the end but 63-0? It helped that the Seminoles knocked out the Maryland quarterback (apparently, the ACC has chosen to ignore targeting) but 63-0?

 3. Gator fans who let out a huge roar when the score was posted that Northwestern was up 10 on Ohio State — was that an anti-Buckeye sentiment or anti-Urban? Either way, you should know better. The guy knows how to win games. And can you imagine if you had Northwestern and the 5½ points and you lost a bundle on the last play? There are a million reasons why I don’t gamble but if I did that would have cured me.

4. Is there any way Art Briles stays at Baylor after this year? Her might not be a good fit at USC, but what he is doing offensively is just ridiculous.