Sunday Blog, Week III


Man, what a Saturday it was over in St. Augustine. I made it to halftime of the Wisconsin-Arizona State game before the chili and wings and dip and cold beverages screamed, “No mas!”

We made it back to Gville on Sunday and survived the Melrose gas station that has to have more love bugs per square foot than any place in America.

Time for Four From the Field:

1. I wish I has stayed up to see the end of that Wisky-ASU game. Watching the video, it seems to me there is a lot of blame to go around. The debate is whether the quarterback knelt before setting the ball on the ground. It’s hard to tell. But how can a referee tell Wisconsin not to snap the ball when the clock is running out? Me, I just kick it from the hash mark. That eliminates the possibility of something like that happening.

2. When you’re questioning the discipline of your Florida team in terms of penalties, you might want to look at what happened to Alabama Saturday. The Tide is known for being one of the least penalized teams and I believe there is an SEC rule that Alabama can only be called for offensive holding twice a decade. But Nick Saban’s team had 104 yards in penalties in the win Saturday.

3. The ACC was crowing after its signature wins the first week of the season but it’s pretty clear the conference still has plenty of have-nots. Virginia Tech had to scramble to beat a bad East Carolina team and Wake Forest lost to Louisiana Monroe. Meanwhile, Boston College was seal-clubbed by a Southern Cal team that looked lost just a week earlier.

4. I talked to Will Muschamp the other day and he said what i thought — Jeff Driskel had four bad throws against Miami. The overthrow of Quinton Dunbar in the end zone, the throw into triple coverage and the two throws behind Demarcus Robinson on crossing routes. The second interception was Trey Burton mistake and Gator radio analyst Lee McGriff was the first to point that out to me. Just thought I’d give him credit.