Breath of fresh air from Billy Horschel


We’ll see if Billy Horschel’s streak of excellent golf continues this week at The Players Championship. I know the media hopes it does.

Horschel has always been fun to watch and a great quote, but there was never any reason for someone other than the papers in North Central Florida to ask him questions until he went on this run that has elevated him to third on the money list.

On Wednesday, he was his entertaining self in the media room at TPC Sawgrass.

On his scholarship to Florida (he received book money, that’s it): “It wasn’t like we come from money. I remember my parents were sort of playing devil’s advocate a little bit. And I don’t like people playing devil’s advocate when I have my mind set on something. I remember I was upset and I started crying. I was like, man, I want to go to Florida.”

On his father’s promise that he would take him to the course if he could hit the ball over a canal in the backyard: “I was maybe four or five. I finally hit it over the creek and I just waited outside the whole time until my dad came home. Another story, I hit it over the house the first time and I said, OK, I’m going to hit it back over the house and I put one through the living room window. Ran into the house, threw my club into the garage. Dad comes in and goes, ‘Did you just hit the ball through the window?’ I said no, I think that was Brian. I blamed it on my younger brother Brian.”

On his sports psychologist: “He understands (emotions) are my personality. I’m never going to be a flatline guy. It’s not going to change. I can’t change it.”

Yeah, we could use some more Billy Horschels on the PGA Tour. And fewer Vijay Singhs.