When I Woke Up This Morning in Dallas


I know this is a little late but it was a late night here in Dallas. Time for Four from The Floor:

1. The best part of Thursday night was meeting up with a couple of old friends. Jeff Miller, whom I succeeded as sports editor of the Gainesville Sun, and Scott Noll, who worked for me in Gainesville, both came to the sports bar at our hotel. A lot of stories were shared and we showed off pictures of our kids. The last time I saw Jeff’s kids they were running around the back yard. Now they’re in their 30’s. Man, I’m getting old.

2. We talked about how the Big 10 teams love to get away from their conference and play somebody else. I think the same goes for Syracuse. When you’re familiar with that zone it’s easier to attack and Syracuse looked very ordinary at the end of the season. But in the tourney, teams find themselves lost in it.

3. Some nights the shots go in and some nights they don’t. They didn’t for Miami, which shot 35 percent from the field and their magical season is over. The Hurricanes took 13 more shots than Marquette and were still handled. I don’t think Reggie Johnson’s absence was as much a physical issue as an emotional one.

4. Classic case of overreaction — Aaron Craft has the ball with the clock winding down and two Arizona players chase him leaving LaQuinton Ross wide open for a three. Is every Buckeyes’ game going to come down to the last shot?