When I Woke Up This Morning, NCAA Edition II


The Four From The Floor comes at you a little late because it was one of those typical NCAA Tournament Thursday nights on the road. Where I was people actually were clapping when the Harvard-New Mexico game ended.

1. I can’t say I am surprised that Missouri laid an egg in the tournament. If you watched that team this year, it was a collection of good players but it only acted like a team at home. And never bet on Frank Haith in the Big Dance. That’s two straight first-round losses for Haith who is 1-3 overall.


2. Ben Howland was in a particularly grumpy mood at his press conference Thursday. At one point, he covered up the mike and asked the moderator to admonish the writers behind the curtain for being too noisy. Later, he brought up the incident again with the moderator. We’re working here, man. Oh, and we were watching the Marquette-Davidson game.


3. You always want a 12 beating a five in your bracket but if you didn’t pick Oregon over Oklahoma State, it’s only because you didn’t listen. Everyone knew Oregon was terribly underseeded. The one thing that you can’t know is whether or not a team left it all at its conference tournament or whether it is still riding the wave. Oregon’s hanging 10, while New Mexico is wiped out.


4. One reason Syracuse is a good bet to go far every year is that if you haven’t seen that 2-3 zone it can be hard to score points. Take Montana, please. It scored 34 points in a game that was over by the half.