When I Woke Up This Morning, NCAA Edition

Another week, another postseason tournament. Let’s see what we have for four from the floor:

1. Man, the SEC isn’t exactly showing itself to be better than anyone thought in the NIT. Kentucky loses to a No. 8 seed and then Tennessee gets waxed at home. Some teams just don’t want to be in that tournament. “I don’t feel like we played as hard as we needed to win the game against a team like this,” said Tennessee’s Jarnell Stokes. Exactly. And neither did the Tennessee fans. The crowd was announced at 4,468.

2. I ran into a guy from Wisconsin Wednesday who had a familiar story. He and a group of friends do this every year. They pick out a regional site and go see the games and enjoy the town. It seems that every year I find someone like that. And it’s not difficult to get tickets for the first weekend unless you’re at a site with Kentucky. And that wasn’t an issue this season.

3. One of the things that’s great about this event is that in a few hours they will start playing and nobody will be analyzing what might happen. One of the things that’s not great about this event is the guy who thinks I care who he picked in his bracket. And that includes the President. I only care about MY bracket.

4. My official bracket, that is. I filled one out for fun on SI.com where you tell the computer what characteristics are important to you in a team like offense, defense, coaching resume, etc. That bracket has Arizona beating Michigan in the final. OK. I like my bracket better.