Are you ready for the madness?


I don’t know about you but I am ready.

Ready for the upsets and the madness and the blue curtains and the security guards telling me to empty my drink before I go courtside.

The NCAA Tournament is my favorite event to cover even though I love college football more than any sport. The tournament is so cool it’s difficult to describe.

I know there is still one more college hoops Saturday and the conference tournaments next week, but I’m ready.

Because I’ve got bracket fatigue.

That’s the only thing I can call it. I have paid way too much attention to bracketologists and RPI rankings and Marquette and Wisconsin. It will wear you out.

But we’re almost there. Almost to that special first weekend which starts on a Thursday (bosses, be prepared for fake coughs on the other end of the phone) and ends on a Sunday. Almost to the unveiling of the bracket and the critiques that come with it.

But that’s another thing that makes the tournament so much fun.

Next Sunday, they will give you the bracket. There will be much gnashing of teeth over some team that got in and some team that didn’t. Someone will tell you that Duke got the toughest bracket and someone will tell you that Duke got the easiest.

And then, 48 hours later, it’s over. No more discussions because they’re playing the tournament. OK, it may be the First Four and it may be in Dayton but it’s the tournament.

I can’t wait.

I’m ready. How about you?


  1. Very ready, and thanks for the pointer on Thursday. The first two days of the tourney are fantastic, and always over too soon.

    Also very ready to read the other 90% of each articcle that is currently blanked out. I know that Print is Dead, but if y’all are going to a subscription-only basis that’s a shame. You will lose me and a lot of other loyal Gaotr fans who follow this site daily. Too bad your ads and/or sponsorships couldn’t take advantage of this steady readership… which is about to plummet.