The Sunday Blog, Week XI


I think I need to go to the doctor.

On Saturday night, I went to bed with college football games on a half-dozen channels. There must be something wrong with me.

Actually, none of the games at that point were in doubt and it was a long weekend that included about four hours of sleep Friday night in Jacksonville. The good news is that I’m up early for Sunday blogging.

I don’t know what was more surreal this weekend — watching a half of a basketball game on a ship or watching Florida win a football game that appeared to be lost on Saturday. It was a weird weekend.


1. Oregon: I almost typed Alabama because I’m so used to it.

2. Kansas State: The Wildcats recorded a methodical win Saturday.

3. Notre Dame: Irish hardly impressive against an awful Boston College team.

4. Alabama: So we’re saying there’s a chance (more later).

5. Georgia: Bulldogs seem to be peaking at the right time.

6. Florida: I can’t explain Saturday so I won’t try.

7. Ohio State: The best team that will have December off.

8. LSU: Tigers have now won 20 of last 21 vs. Mississippi State.

9. South Carolina: Gamecocks could have used win over Arkansas last season.

10. Florida State: Gutsy win at Lane Stadium Thursday night.

11. Clemson: Most under-the-radar one-loss team in America.

12. Stanford: Big win over Oregon State.

13. Texas A&M: Is Kevin Sumlin SEC coach of the year?

14. Oklahoma: Landry Jones keeps putting up the numbers.

15. UCLA: Bruins finish with toughies against USC and Stanford.

16. Nebraska: Big comeback win against Penn State.

17. Texas: Could Longhorns be the team that beats Kansas State?

18. Louisiana Tech: Whatever bowl game they end up in I’m watching.

19. Texas Tech: Red Raiders gave up 390 rushing yards to Kansas.

20. Louisville: I had a feeling Syracuse would be the team that ended the Cards’ run.

21. Rutgers: Needed that win over Army.

22. Oregon State: Played well enough to win against Stanford, but …

23. Michigan: Wolverines rising from the ashes. Well, kind of.

24. Central Florida: Hey, why not?

25. Northern Illinois: Big game against Toledo Wednesday night.


1. I don’t know about you but there was a lot of conflict in the Dooley Dome on Saturday evening. On the one hand, an Alabama win was good for the SEC and probably good for Florida’s hopes to land in a BCS bowl game. On the other hand, there was the possibility of BCS chaos. And who doesn’t root for the upset? My wife was rooting hard for Texas A&M until they went up by 12. Then she started rooting for Alabama. Then they scored and she started rooting for A&M again. It was high drama, for sure.

2. So, is this it for the SEC? Is the streak over? Not necessarily. I’ll be interested to see how the BCS standings look later today, but the league is going to need some help. Oregon still has to play Stanford and the league title game. Kansas State has Baylor and Texas. Notre Dame still has USC. It’s college football. Anything can happen. So don;t count the league out yet.

3. Tennessee is now 4-6 and will have to win its last two games against Vanderbilt and Kentucky to become bowl eligible. If I was a lower-tiered bowl game, I’d rather have Tennessee in my game than almost anybody else because I would be guaranteed fireworks. You know they are going to score a lot of points and you know they will play no defense. Don’t forget, the Missouri team that scored 51 Saturday (albeit in four overtimes) scored seven the week before in The Swamp and came into the game ranked 113th in total offense.

4. There were rumors surfacing last week in Alabama that the decision has already been made to let Gene Chizik go. Then the Tigers went out and played uninspired football in another numbing loss to Georgia. When you hear that Auburn had to hire a security firm to enforce curfews, it tells you the coaches have lost this team. Sometimes, recruiting is about more than athletic ability.


  1. I have been a Gator Fan since 1972…….Again, I simply don’t understand the STUPID penalties….Specifically, no doubt Elam is a great player, but his personal conduct on the field is unacceptable…Again, another personal foul penalty…Check back, he usually has one a game..Why? Easley is a great player too, but usually has at least one offsides penalty a game…Why? I get inexperience at quarterback, lack of playmaking wide receivers, etc..I just don’t understand the lack of discipline. UF needs to continue to develop depth, so players like this won’t play, if they continue the silly mistakes…

  2. AS far as offsides on the D-line, the guys are just trying to get the jump on the center snap. That happens at all levels of football including the NFL. However, the continued cheap shots by Elam should not be tolerated. If it happens again, bench him.

  3. Pat your passion for the Ducks has been obvious to us all… all year. Now you can quack proudly, at least until they get shot down by Kansas State or Bama… yes, Bama dominating the Mutts in Atlanta, and Notre Dame losing to U.S.C. & the madness gets the S.E.C. back in the dance, right Mark May?
    I believe Oregon will be there, but then they get served a big dose of DEFENSE, and then the ducks get goosed! Bring on K-State if you want a non-S.E.C. affair! Bring on those cool purple and silver uniforms, but Oregon…THE QUACK is WACK! And oh…the Gators, God knows I love them, but can anyone over there teach BLITZ PROTECTION or HOT READS!?! Will the SPECIAL TEAMS AND DEFENSE BE ENOUGH to beat F.S.U.? Well, last year they couldn’t, and F.S.U. only 90+ yds of total offense, and Florida still lost…Here’s hoping the O-Line comes together, and the Q.B.s learn to recognize a Safety blitz….GO GATORS!

  4. How in the world did Florida beat Texas A&M, SC and LSU??? I guess defense and special teams really can win games, because that offense is HORRIBLE!!!
    Can you imagine what the Oregon hurry-up/spread offense would have done to Alabama!? The Tide defense got exposed Saturday, and it didn’t hurt that their offense turned it over a few times.
    Once again, I have to listen to my FSU co-workers brag about beating another quality opponent (4-6 Virginia Tech); do you realize outside of Florida and Clemson, the rest of the Noles opponents will have losing records or .500 at best!?
    Say what you want about Elam, he’s a 1st Team All-American DB, and until I read about an arrest record, I can live with a personal foul or two.

  5. I don’t understand what it takes some of these so called Gator fans to please them. We have achance to still go 11 and 1 and they are still complaining. I think many teams would like to be where we are this year. I know we are not putting big numbers up on offence but we are still winning the games and that is what counts. I think it is a lot better than where we were the last two seasons around this time