The Sunday Blog, Week IX


The Sunday Blog saw a Saturday that could have been called an Elimination Saturday in retrospect.

Southern Cal? Any slim hopes are now destroyed. Oklahoma? Ditto. Florida? Sorry, Gators, but it would take a miracle. Oregon State, Mississippi State? No soup for you.

We now look at the national picture and it seems to be a battle for which team will have to play Alabama. Sure, LSU has a puncher’s chance to knock off the Tide but I’m pretty sure anyone who watched Florida-Georgia and is a fan for either team and is going to Atlanta is just going for the cuisine.

Still, it’s college football where anything can happen.


1. Alabama: Mississippi State never had a chance.

2. Oregon: If the Ducks wanted to, I’m convinced they could score 100.

3. Kansas State: May have the best resume in the country right now.

4. Notre Dame: I certainly didn’t see the manhandling of Oklahoma coming.

5. LSU: If the Tigers can pull off the upset, BCS chaos will be coming at you.

6. Ohio State: The Buckeyes just keep winning.

7. Georgia: If Dogs played every game defensively like they did against Florida, they’d be the SEC’s best defense.

8. Florida: You still have to look at Florida’s body of work and keep Gators in top 10.

9. Florida State: Seminoles still have to be kicking themselves for that N.C. State loss.

10. South Carolina: It’s going to be tough moving forward without Marcus Lattimore.

11. Louisville: Charlie Strong has a real chance to go unbeaten.

12. Mississippi State: The Bulldogs were exposed a bit Saturday night.

13. Stanford: Cardinal still pretty salty on defense.

14. Clemson: Tigers scored 28 points in second quarter against Wake.

15. Texas A&M: Probably the best offense in the conference.

16. Boise State: The Broncos quietly keep getting it done.

17. Oregon State: You knew the dream would eventually end for Mike Riley.

18. Oklahoma: Hard to figure out these Sooners.

19. West Virginia: Mountaineers need to get it going in the right direction.

20. Southern Cal: Trojans have too many athletes to have two losses.

21. Texas Tech: The Raiders’ defense was exposed by Kansas State.

22. Rutgers: Disappointing result on Saturday.

23. Louisiana Tech: Gotta love that offense.

24. Texas: Really? You had to score late to beat Kansas?

25. Northwestern: What a nice season for Pat Fitzgerald.


1. This was my 32nd Florida-Georgia game and I have to tell you it was the worst one of those 32. It had nothing to do with the result, but with the nine turnovers and 24 penalties. And with the long stoppages in play and the long commercial breaks. The game never had a flow to it. If I was watching at home and didn’t care who won, I’d have changed channels. That was just a bad football game.

2. On the other hand, there was a bad team at play Saturday in Auburn. Every time you think Gene Chizik’s team has bottomed out, you realize they have a ways to go. Texas A&M set a record with 671 yards against Auburn, breaking the 625 that the 1996 Florida team racked up. If Chizik wasn’t a goner before, he has to be now. You don’t give up 63 points at home and survive, especially when the stands are emptying out at halftime. “If they emptied out at halftime, it’s obvious why and I don’t blame them for what they saw. It was just a very poor performance,” Chizik said.

3. Meanwhile, I can’t help but feel for Derek Dooley. It seems that the Vols are so close to winning games, but they always find a way to lose them. “We’ve had so many games like this,” said Tyler Bray. “It’s hard.” This is the third straight year Tennessee will enter November with an 0-5 record in the SEC. It was strange to stand there and watch the last few minutes with Vince Dooley in the press box. He was suffering through it.

4. OK, it was against a winless UMass team but Vandy is that much closer to going to a bowl game. Two more wins and the Commodores are going to a bowl in consecutive years for the first time in school history. One of those potential wins comes this week when they face Kentucky.


  1. I still believe FLORIDA’S a Top 10 team as well, but for Texas A & M to have the S.E.C.’s ”best offense”…mm, well, Alabama runs through, or passes over every defense they’ve played so far this year. However, the Gators need to get more vertical (utilize Dunbar & Reed more!), and Jeff Driskel needs to learn to throw it out of bounds quicker when they play isn’t going anywhere.I got two words, that Jeff Driskel resembles sometimes, (but he’s young enough to ‘change’ that right NOW)…TONY ROMO from Dallas. Otherwise, his legs and arm will continue to get better as he discerns situations more quickly. The Gators finish 10-2 or 11-1, which is MUCH better then what we all were thinking in the begining of Sept.(8-4). And, GO OLE MISS! WORK THOSE UGLY, CLOTHES LINING, DIRTY DAWGS OVER! And, in doing so, give the ‘EASTERN DIV. CHAMPIONSHIP’ to team that didn’t get beat like a drum – the way U.G.A. got thumped by Carolina a few weeks back.

  2. I agree with your overview of the game yesterday…I have been watching this game since 1975…That was the WORST display of sportsmanship, I have ever seen…(On both sides)..I can understand maybe a couple of personal fouls, overall in a rivalry game..However, the pushing, shoving, trash talking after EVERY single play, should be an embarrassment for ALL the players and coaches..For what it is worth, most of the trash talking on the Gator side that I saw, came from players who had not been recruited by our current head coach..I am ready for those junior “stars”, among others, to go ahead and take their trash to “the league”

  3. When the opposing QB throws 3 INTs in the first half and your still losing, reason to be concerned, but hey, who had the Gators at 7-0 going into the cocktail party?
    Gonna be a huge LSU and Ole Miss fan next week.

  4. Seems as if Uga’s desperate ghetto tactics worked by forcing the Gators into an undisciplined and seemingly unfocused bunch. Very much out of character during this campaign. Hopefully they learn a lesson about composure. Beat Mizzou!

  5. Just can’t get past the fact that UGA only had to split between USC and UF to go to Atlanta whereas USC had to go @LSU and home against Arkansas, and UF had to go to A & M and vs LSU. Seriously, just atrocious. I swear the SEC schedule makers want Georgia to win the East. By the way am I wrong or can a D lineman hold a running back when a play action has been run and the RB is still behind the line of scrimmage. If so, that holding call that gave UGA the first down after we had forced 3 and out was once again a bogus call against the Gators.

  6. Well, it looks like we are goingback to the old days of the 70’s and 80’s in the Ga-Fla game. There is always a next year to play Georgia. I would say that I have never seen so many penalties called on Florida. I am still proud of the effort that Florida gave and the Gator fans should be proud of the season Florida has had this year and there is still hope to get to Atlanta. Go Gators and Beat Missouri and then wew can sit back and watch Ole Miss pull the upset on Georgia!!

  7. I have not as yet accepted the fact that Driskel is a good QB at this stage. I also don’t feel Brisset got a ligitimate chance to prove himself. The few times he was allowed in, he was told to hand the ball off…..something a highschooler could do well. Though Driskel can run “fast” in the open field, he is by far not QUICK. There is a difference between fast and quick. Quick hepls a QB avoid a rush and keeps a play going. Driskel plods and he is really not athletic enough. Compare Johnny Manzeil and even the two QB’s for Tenn & SC.

  8. Give me Jeff Driskel over Tyler Bray of TN anyday of the week, and twice on Sunday. Where was this Driskel bashing prior to this week?
    You want to place blame, start with the O line, Georgia ate us up.
    Brisset may want to consider transferring, because unless Driskell suffers a major injury, he’s your QB for the next two years.