Tough week for Georgia QB


We all know that for every yin there is a yang, for every winner there is a loser, for every celebration there needs to be consolation.

While South Carolina fans (and deservedly so) were enjoying this week after their dismantling of the Georgia Bulldogs, Aaron Murray was having a rough one. The Georgia quarterback returned to Athens to see that his house had been egged and covered in toilet paper. Then he was told by his family that his father has thyroid cancer.
And as he was returning to school from Tampa on Tuesday, he apparently was caught speeding. He tweeted this, “I would get pulled over in Gainesville. Don’t think I am gonna be able to get out of this one.”


  1. Murray was distracted by all the beautiful scenery in Gainesville, and that is why he did not watch his speed. In Athens, no driver ever gets to check out the scenery. The drivers there are hyper vigilant because UGA Deans are always in the roadways trying to throw college degrees into the car windows as they drive by.

  2. Georgia recruits should look at the TP and egging and consider that, if this is the way fans treat players who don’t have a good game, is this the place they want to go to school?
    Tunsil should consider that in particular. Still room in our class, Mr. Tunsil. Stop on by…

  3. Really?? No wonder most college football fans don’t like gator fans…you are mostly insensetive and rude. This is a KID you are knocking and a good kid at that. He found out about his father 7 hours before kickoff not after the game. Let’s see if any of you can get out there and hold it together after hearing that a loved one was battling cancer…doubt any of you could do it even for a quarter of the game. Murray being off his game isn’t the only reason they lost, they didn’t play well enough across the board but give the kid a break and be kind for a change. I know being respectful isn’t easy for most gator fans but give it a try…you might actually like treating others kindly and maybe it will change some of you for good. I won’t hold my breath…after living among gator fans for over 26 years I don’t think many if any have it in you to be kind to those that have different opinions that your own. Look to your own “god” that you people claim to have….Tebow…bet you he would have kind words to say to Aaron Murray and his family….seriously doubt he would make ignorant jokes or comments like his followers are making. Florida has a great team most of the time, Gainesville is an attractive area (give or take a few areas) and there are some kind people there (give or take a few jackasses) but you couldn’t pay me enough to become a gator fan, never would I want to be connected to such ignorance and hate.

  4. Kim…easy does it big guy! I live in Georgia and talk about rude and arrogant, uncaring fans…just look inward! I fly my flags at the end of my driveway, my mailbpx cover and such are forever being stolen, damaged and trashed…so please, don’t go overboard with your ugly remarks. Rivalry is truly a good “thang” man…if we didn’t have rivalries we wouldn’t have much fun at our games. When you disparage an entire fan base because of a personal hatred…it too speaks volumes wouldn’t you agree? Don’t cast dispersions at the entire Gator Nation. Listen to me for a second…being the Dawg fan that you profess…listen to me…we do pity you!