The Sunday Blog, Week II


It was a long road trip to College Station (which is one reason this is later than usual) and another one looms this weekend.

But it was another indication of why college football is so unpredictable. You think it’s going to be a dog weekend and it’s fascinating.

You go in with certain perceptions and come away with different ones. At any rate …


1. Alabama: Nick Saban may scold the media again this week, but his team should roll over Arkansas.

2. LSU: Tigers showed they are still one of the teams to beat this season.

3. Southern Cal: Matt Barkley looks like he’s heading toward a Heisman Trophy, but the defense is still shaky.

4. Oregon: Ducks still looking like a team that could win it all.

5. Oklahoma: Sooners’ big games are still to come.

6. Georgia: Jarvis Jones has a shot at getting my Heisman vote.

7. West Virginia: Mountaineer fans believe this is the year.

8. FSU: We’ll always wonder how many points they could have scored if not for the weather.

9. South Carolina: Steve Spurrier now has a running quarterback and a passing quarterback.

10. Clemson: Tigers have one of the nation’s best offenses.

11. Michigan State: Spartans are team to beat in the Big 10ish.

12. TCU: Horned Frogs’ schedule is in front of them.

13. Ohio State: Urban Meyer is going to ride Braxton Miller as far as he can take Buckeyes.

14. Virginia Tech: Talk about a team under the radar.
15. Kansas State: Are the Wildcats really that good or is Miami that bad?

16. Texas: Longhorns ready for a test.

17. Arizona: RichRod has it going on.

18. Tennessee: Huge game Saturday for the Vols and Derek Dooley.

19. Florida: Gators need to keep momentum going the right way.

20. UCLA: Maybe the second most surprising score was UCLA beating Nebraska.

21. Oregon State: Oh, why not?

22. Notre Dame: Irish pulled it out late vs. Purdue.

23. Oklahoma State: Cowboys have some regrouping to do.

24. Arkansas: probably last week in the rankings for the ‘Backs.

25. Louisville: Charlie Strong has a big-time quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater.


1. There is a reason why we at The Sun ranked Georgia’s Jarvis Jones the top player in the SEC and he has made us look good. Playing with a sore groin, Jones dominated the fourth quarter of the Bulldogs’ win over Missouri. You have to give Georgia credit for coming back in a tough environment to win.

2. OK, enough with the John L. Smith jokes. We get it. He’s brought the L back to Arkansas. He’s not named John W. Smith. Look, I thought the hire made sense in the summer. Now, it doesn’t look good. But in the end, Arky lost because Arky still doesn’t play defense.

3. Can a coach go from a national title to the hot seat in less than two years? Well, it would appear that has happened with Gene Chizik, who is now 16-12 in his non-Cam Newton seasons. A lot of heat is being directed at Scot Loeffler, the former UF assistant who took over for Gus Malzahn. Loeffler was hardly a sexy hire and it doesn’t seem to be working out very well.

4. It will take awhile. Florida’s game at Texas A&M didn’t feel like an SEC game even though it was played like one and the atmosphere was tremendous. But there wasn’t enough anger after the game from their fans. They seemed to genuinely like the Gator fans who made the trip.


  1. Even though it may not have felt like an SEC game to you, Patrick, it sure felt like one at our raucous watching party in RobinLane back in G’ville. We grimaced every time JD dropped back to pass, but were doing ‘we are not worthy’ bows at the end. Epic, historic win for Coach Boom!

  2. The rankings don’t matter, yet. After next week, a trip to ATL may be in our sights. The Gators are a road game away from putting it all together. Driskel recognizing when to pull the trigger for the O and forced turnovers for the D are all that’s left for them to be a force in the SEC once again. GO GATORS!

  3. Big SEC game won on the road with lots of guys stepping up when starters went down AND TONS of room room for improvement from a young QB.

    The future looks so bright, you gotta …..

    Go Gators, Beat the Vols and keep it rolling!

  4. You say it didn’t feel like an SEC game and I agree, but I think we need to learn something from them. I was in the student section and not a florida fan within 100 people. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or scared. There was some fun smack talk: “all you guys learn in florida is how to clap?” was my favorite but they were friendly overall. You think an A&M student would have received the same? Doubtful. I think the aggies simply know how to treat their guests

  5. what top 25 are you looking at Dooley? Gators are #18 in AP poll and #17 in USA Today poll.. how do you have Tennessee at # 18 in this poll? they are #23 in AP poll and not even ranked in the USA Today poll… this must be “Dooley’s top 25” figures you would have Tennessee ahead of UF

  6. I don’t think UCLA is really that much of a surprise if you look at how they have recruited. According to Rivals they have only had one class since 2008 that was not ranked in the top 15 (that was 2011 but in 2010 they were ranked 8th). All that talent sooner or later has to make a difference.

  7. Pat, your top 5 is great, and could you imagine a FINAL 4 with USC, ‘Bama, Oregon,and LSU ???
    I think that is what the COMMITTEE was thinking when they made it. I cannot wait for the COLLGE FOOTBALL -FINAL 4!
    The Gators win in TEXAS is huge for WILL, and the Coaches, and the Players…It is what the fans KNEW THEY COULD DO, and now they KNOW IT, TOO! It will get even BETTER IF FLORIDA GOES UP TO ‘NOTS’VILLE and BEAT THE VOLS! No FIELD GOALS IN THE RIVER! Gators need to get HEALTHY and PLAY with PASSION and PRIDE and DISCIPLINE…and the dividends will be WINS! GO GATORS!

  8. Pat: i was at the game and live only an hour away from Aggieland. based on the fan support and traditions, a&m is a great sec fit. give the gators some credit for playing in a very loud and hostile atmosphere. fortunately the coaches made the necessary halftime adjustments and driskel will learn to get rid of the ball when he decides throwing it away for no loss beats getting hit for a loss.

  9. The fans were great in A&M! Yes, it wasn’t like most SEC towns were venom is spewing everywhere, but it was refreshing. Their fans wanted to make sure we all were having a good time during our visit. How much less violence would there be on game day if people were nice like that everywhere? We all want to win and cheer on our team, but there’s no reason to be mean to other fans. It is a game!
    I only hope our fans treat them with the same respect when they visit Gville in 6 years. Go Gators!!

  10. I like Coach Boom, and I want him to be a huge success at UF and be here a long time.
    However, if we do end up with an opening at the top spot, we could do worse than Gus Malzahn. He might be a better offensive mind than Petrino, without the baggage.