Here we go


Are you ready?

Have you bought your new shirt? Come up with a new tailgate idea? Got your mix tape ready?

It’s that time of the year. Thank goodness. It’s not just that I love watching college football, it’s that there has been so much bad news associated with the sport that it will be great to see actual games.

I have your first weekend planned. Have fun.

7 p.m. — South Carolina at Vanderbilt. This could rock the college world right from the outset. During commercials flip over to Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech to get a look at Florida’s second opponent.

10:15 p.m. — Your first look at Mike Leach’s Washington State team as they take on BYU. Start thinking of excuses for going to work late the next day.

11 a.m. — Show up for work. Tell your boss you stopped to help Will Muschamp change a flat.

7:30 p.m. — N.C. State-Tennessee. Nothing like a strong Friday night game to kick off the season. You might want two TVs because Boise State plays at Michigan State at 8.

9 a.m. — I know you’re tired but it’s going to be a long day so you might want some kind of energy drink. Oh yeah, Notre Dame vs. Navy just started in Dublin. Bloody Mary, anyone?

Noon — Get to your tailgate. Don’t worry about finding a TV. The early games reek.

3:30 p.m. — Florida-Bowling Green kickoff. Stay hydrated.

7 p.m. — I recommend finding a place near the stadium because you’ll want to see Auburn-Clemson. An hour later it’s Alabama-Michigan. Two TVs are a must.

11:30 — There is football being played on TV but you’re dead to the world. Who wants to stay up and watch Arkansas State-Oregon or Toledo-Arizona? OK, except me.


3:30 p.m. — No NFL? No problem. Kentucky and Louisville play just for you.

6:30 p.m. — OK, so maybe it’s time to read a book or do some laundry. Naw, it’s time to watch SMU and Baylor.


8 p.m. — It was an unproductive work day because all you could talk about was college football. What better way to wrap up your weekend than Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech?

Had enough? It all starts again three days later.


  1. Da#n Pat–you’re still playing mix ‘tapes’? There’s now something called a music “digital download”. You can go on the “interwebs/ebays” and choose & then buy “songs”–in which you can “play” on a digital player of your choice. You should ask one of your imaginary name-drop buddies how to do it. It’s neat-o mosquito.

  2. You’re losin’ your fastball Pat. If the Gators don’t get a few more victories soon you’re goin’ to have to stick with slider. That whole Tebow/Urban collapse was enough to give anyone a spastic colon. It was a great hieght from which to fall (to borrow from the best.) The whole Spurrier thing was goin’ to form for so long. You could love him and feel sorry for him at the same time. Richt was almost out the door. Tenn was in the sewer. And, now look. Vandy isn’t even a gimme on a cloudy day. What’s fun about that?

  3. Yea, I am getting stoked, and feeling ‘it’! Just another ‘Summer breeze’ passed by, and I am feeling better this year -than this time- last year! I am excited for Florida Football, but I keep hearing how young Florida is (Robbie’s Blog), and it just ain’t true! This Gator Football Team has over 40 Juniors and Seniors. I will beleive that Florida should be ‘in the mix’ in 2013, and we will really see what Will Muschamp (in the form of Head Coach) is made up of.
    The SEC team that has my FULL attention is the The Gamecocks of ‘Carolina. Grant it, IF ANYONE ELSE was Coaching them, who cares! But I want to see the ‘Head Ball Coach’ win 2 N.C.s at 2 different schools (if Saban can do it…) and this is possibly his best chance! I know, Pat, you think the ‘Carolina schedule is too tough, but I say they win at least 11 again this year, if not play in Miami, for it all! Our Florida Gators should be in full stride for our 1st trip to THE ROSE BOWL! How’s that for LOOKING AHEAD!?!