Football season is here


HOOVER, Ala. — So here we are again as our summers continue to shrink down to long weekends. Summer is over when we descend on Hoover because football season is here.

Already this has been an odd trip. It seemed to take longer than usual to make the drive. Our favorite barbecue place outside Dothan shut down. And when we got here I realized I never made a reservation.

So I’m bunking with Robbie Andreu, which is fine and looking forward to what should be an interesting few days. Already it seems strange to be waiting for the first coach to hit the print media room and there is a Texas A&M helmet on the podium. I am going to have to learn where the ampersand is on my keyboard.

Robbie and I will be blogging, tweeting, doing videos and, of course, writing columns and features throughout so we hope you will enjoy it.