My kingdom for a sports bar


One thing I enjoy about Omaha is that the people are so friendly and helpful and that includes here at my home away from home, the Courtyard in La Vista.

But, of course, you didn’t think I would get through my first four days here without complaining about something.

I’m a simple man on the road. I just want a place where I can sit at a bar, eat my dinner and watch sports. So when I got here, I asked if there was a sports bar around. The woman behind the desk gave me a list of sports bars that were all 20 minutes away.

OK, well, I’d rather not get on I-80 any more than I have to. But on Friday, with the U.S. Open and CWS going, I needed a place with quality TVs so I went to a Buffalo Wings and Things on L Street.

As I was leaving, I asked the guy behind the bar if he knew of a place closer to my hotel. He said there was a Golf Galaxy or something right across the street from the Courtyard. I knew what he was talking about because I had scouted the area, but assumed it was a golf shop of some kind.

So I went over there and walked in and wow! Huge HD TVs everywhere and three 15-screens where you can actually play a round of golf on some of the best courses in the world. There were people there who actually brought their bags and clubs into “Beyond Golf” and were playing 18 holes. Plus, they had Golden Tee, my favorite video game.

The kicker to this is that I asked the only guy working there, “That place next door called Houston’s. What’s that?”

“A sports bar,” he said.


I know, it’s a tough life when your biggest worry is finding a close sports bar. But I’m ready for a long trip now. Let’s see how long the Gators make it.


  1. Gotta love the caliber of athlete the Seminoles bring to the table. Someone should tell infielder John Holland that FSU doesn’t stand for Free Shoes University. Do they have to pay a settlement to Foot Locker for screwing up AGAIN???