If only you could vote


For those of us who are thrilled that college football has finally taken its head out of the sand and will start a playoff, we have to temper our giddiness because they still haven’t figured it out.

Sides have been taken and it appears that the SEC, the Big 12 and Notre Dame are on one side and the other BCS conferences are on the other. The SEC is adamant that the four best teams should be in the playoff (what a novel idea) while the Big 10ish and Pac-12 are leading the charge for conference champions (really, does anyone care what the Big East and ACC want anymore?)

Since all of the suits have said that they have relented on going to a playoff because “it’s what the public wants” why not put it to a popular vote of the nation? Let us decide. The pro-champion side’s agenda is based on the fact that they fear the SEC could end up with two or more teams in the playoff. The SEC’s side is based on, well, the fact that it could have two or more teams in the playoff.

It’s extremely short-sighted of the pro-champion side to assume the SEC is always going to be the dominant conference. But for now, it certainly is on an unprecedented run.

If they did put it to a vote of all college football fans, I’m pretty sure we’d want the best four teams in. I don’t see how you could have the sixth best team in and the third best team not in. But that certainly could happen.

How would you vote?


  1. Interesting alternative John… But then the debate would rage on about how you pick the 4 next best teams – strenght of schedule might be a good indicator of who the 4 next best teams are… In at least two of Florida’s Football National Championship seasons, the Gators had the toughest schedule in the NCAA. It’s gonna be interesting, that’s for sure.

  2. While I would like John’s proposal I have a few reservations. Which 4 champions would you take (seems like there are more than 4), as with all of these proposals how do you determine which teams are “best”?

    Four best get my vote with the proviso that only 4 get in.

  3. 4 best. The more you expand playoffs beyond 4, the more the regular season is cheapened. I don’t want college football to have the NFL experience of having a champion like the Giants who stumbled through the regular season and got hot at the end. It was bad enough when UConn did it in basketball last year.

  4. “Best” is relative. Injuries are an issue, young guys who grow up during the year are an issue, relative schedule strength is an issue.
    There are 120 teams in 1-A. Taking 4 teams means 96.7% of all teams don’t make it. That’s a lower % than any other sport has ever had. ANYBODY chosen to play is going to be worthy.
    I’m fine with the conference champions. First, if you aren’t the best team out of 12, how can you be the best out of 120? Second, it’s an objective criteria. I HATE subjective criteria. Sports is about objective criteria. Did you score the most points? Then you win. This is why I don’t consider gymnastics or ice skating (or cheerleading ROFL) real sports. They are popularity contests.
    Anything that increases objectivity and decreases subjectivity I am for.

  5. A run is a ‘run’, and if you can GO UN-DEFEAATED then you will have a hard time arguing against that! But I still believe the 4 best are the ‘way to go’ – so long as the VOTING isn’t skewed. I could see where other CONFERENCES could put 2 teams into this potential ‘Final 4’- like a Michigan/the Ohio State… Miami/F.S.who, or even an Oklahoma/Texas. So, it would only be fair to include the 4 BEST, regardless of Conference Championships!