Muschamp optimistic about Powell


PONTE VEDRA BEACH — During the red carpet walk for Tim Tebow’s annual golf tournament Friday, Florida coach Will Muschamp spoke optimistically about the recovery of Ronald Powell, who suffered a torn ACL in the spring game.

“Nobody is going to work harder in the nation than Ronald Powell,” Muschamp said. “I told him after the game it was a setback and he said, ‘It’s not a setback. I’ll be OK.’

“The guy has got an amazing attitude. I’m struggling with it and (defensive coordinator) Dan Quinn is struggling with it more than he is. I wouldn’t bet against Ronald Powell.”

Powell is not expected to have surgery to repair the injury until next week when the swelling goes down. He is expected to be out from four-to-six months but Muschamp sounded like he expects to see No. 7 on the field this fall at some point. The big question will be whether it makes more senese to redshirt Powell. A lot depends on when he is physically able to play.


  1. I totally agree with a RED-SHIRT…Knees are not easily healed…Don’t care how good the sports-medicine is now… Time is truly on Powell’s side… Sit-out a year and come back in 2013 -a BEAST- & with a HUNGER that will destroy the SEC’s Q.B.’s! CHOMP-CHOMP!!!

  2. Yep, good opportunity to get ahead a lot of academics out of the way, study football, and put on some more lean mass while he heels up that knee. Then, he can come in and have a monster RS junior year, and the option of a 5th year in case he needs it or wants it. I think that’s a better attitude than denial. What do you think?