Tebow, et al


PHOENIX — This week is a good example of why the NFL is The King.

Here we are at the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. Major League Baseball is about to crank up. The NBA is in high gear. Tiger will tee off at Bay Hill tomorrow.

And all anyone can talk about is the NFL.

Peyton Manning signs with Denver. Tim Tebow is traded to the New York Jets. Sean Peyton is suspended for a year.

Oh well, I might as well jump in, too.

1. Like I said earlier, I’d have made the move if I was the Broncos. But if I was Manning, I’d have gone to San Francisco. Denver was awful before Tebow took over and, to be honest, not much better with him. He willed them to a bunch of wins, but there were certain teams they could not even dream of beating. Denver has a lot more moves to make if it thinks it will be in the Super Bowl again.

2. Tebow to the Jets makes no sense. They already have a quarterback who needs constant pats on the back. And the locker room was a mess before Tebow was acquired. Does anyone believe this is going to be a good fit? It’s good for Timmy off the field in terms of his marketability. But I just don’t get why Rex Ryan would make this move. At the same time, it’s low risk because of what they gave up.

3. I was surprised at the length of the suspension for Peyton, but not that the NFL came down hard on him. It was a message they felt needed to be sent. I wrote two weeks ago that the people of New Orleans could not care less about the SEC Tourney because of all the news floating around about their football team. The Final Four is there next weekend.


  1. NFL’s penalties, which seem excessive, are related to its problem with concussions. Bounty hunting’s long been a part of the NFL. Anyone doubt Buddy Ryan wanted some players taken out when he was D coordinator with Bears?

  2. Gregg Williams is suspended indefinately, my guess is the NFL wants him to walk away. I do not think he will be coaching again for at least 2 to 3 years. Manning to the 49ers would have been a terrible move and Manning was smart not to pursue it. He is both a QB and OC on the field at the same time and no way Harbaugh would have given him any leash…those two would have never gotten along. Tebow going to the Jets makes absolutely no sense…would be like Justin Bieber joining Metallica. I am Tebowing for a snag before the trade is complete.

  3. The interesting question is where was Jax when the bids for Tebow came in. Could it be that the Jaguars owner really doesn’t want to improve interest and attendance that Tebow could provide because he really wants to move the team to LA. To do that, he has to be able to prove poverty in North Florida (or at least what passes for poverty among the NFL’s ownership) to get the Commishes approval for a move.

  4. It’s also what drives me crazy about the NFL. They promote themselves 365 days a year. Here actual sports are being played this week- the NCAA tournament, for goodness’ sake- and all of the news is about who is going to be on what team for a season that won’t start for almost six months.