Digging Arizona


PHOENIX — Hello, mountains. Hello, lack of humidity. Hello, cement.

We are back in Phoenix after a crazy night of flying (head hit pillow at 4:15 a.m. Eastern) and it brings back a lot of memories.

Certainly, the best of those memories was 2006, still my favorite trip of all time. Not only did Florida win the national title, we were treated like kings by the Fiesta Bowl people. Of course, with everything that has transpired concerning their finances, maybe we all should feel a little guilty.

We were out here in 1995 to see Florida get demolished by the best college football team I have ever seen. Hey, Nebraska just scored again.

We were here in 1999 to watch Florida basketball team in the Sweet 16. And of course, there was 2006.

I have been out here two other times for USFL games. I get why people retire to this area. Downtown Phoenix is clean and low key. And it doesn’t stink to wake up in my room, look out the window and see the Major League park of the Arizona Diamondbacks with mountains in the distance.

Florida’s AD Jeremy Foley likes to remind me how lucky I am to cover Florida. Certainly, it’s not because of the access. But the sights we get to see make me realize that he may be right.

But this no daylight savings time is crazy.