Seafood lover in you


One of the great things about covering Florida sports is that you get to travel a lot. And that means you get to see things you never thought you’d see.

Today was one of those days. I went to the Old Mattress Factory to watch the Florida women play and grab some lunch. In the corner there was what looked like a game of some kind.

Only when I approached it did I realize what it was. For $2 you can try to fetch a lobster using an arm a claw at the end. By the time I saw it the lobsters were down to a threesome and had huddled in the corners so the arm could not reach them. Still, guys in Kansas gear kept trying because three of their buddies were eating lobster for lunch.

If you caught one, the Old Mattress Factory would cook it for you.

At first, looking at the lobster flinching in the corners, I felt sad and wondered how PETA would feel about it. But we throw live lobsters in boiling water so I guess it’s a line that has been drawn with butter.

Of course, Florida won the women’s game. Good for Amanda Butler. The claw is coming for her team in the next round.